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We've been delivering the Elixir Quiz every Tuesday since 2004 and it is still one of the best quiz nights in the city! By tapping the local comedian scene for host talent, we've had scores of great comedians deliver our quiz over the years. 

The place packs up before it starts at 8pm, so be sure to get here early and get comfy. Groups and individuals are welcome, and you'll find many people returning week after week. This is one of our best programs for promoting the regular meeting of friends outside of home and work. It's competitive nature also makes it a great time to meet new people and make friends (or enemies...just kidding).

Our quiz is 5 rounds of 10 questions, each covering a broad range of topics, often pertinent to an upcoming holiday or big event. 


It's all over by 10-10:30pm, but don't forget that our Trivia Happy Hour kicks in with $2 off beer and wine and well drinks.


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