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Thursdays from 6pm to 8pm
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Our Cocktail Club program is a weekly, free tasting of spirits we love, conducted by people who know their story.  The idea is that by understanding the spirits, how they are made and why they taste the way they do, you can understand how they work in a cocktail (or maybe why you wouldn't want to put it in a cocktail and just drink it neat). One small offering in our never-ending  efforts to help our guests learn about the drinks they love (and maybe learn exactly what they don't like).

All you have to do is show up and buy a drink! (These tastings are included with any purchase from the bar.)


We maintain a great line up of educational tastings where you can learn about all of the great spirits that go into making ELIXIR cocktails so delicious.  Every week it's something different (with a heavy focus on whiskies of all kinds). 

Our guest speakers are not "promo models" or key chain-wielding marketing flunkies. They are either the master distiller themselves (the very people who make the product), the brand ambassador (who is an educated expert on the product and category who travels to do just this kind of thing) or another representative of the brand that is well-versed in the production and category.

Our goal is to educate our friends and neighbors. The more you know about spirits, the more you'll enjoy what Elixir has to offer!


A special "off menu" cocktail (or neat pour) featuring that spirit will be discounted and featured throughout the week until the next Cocktail Club meeting.

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