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ECGB is back and accepting new application requests!  



ECGB has literally supported hundreds of charities since we started doing it in 2004. Each week we have different groups of people in supporting a WIDE range of charitable organizations or causes. 

Which charity or charities could you raise money for?

Do you know of a GoFundMe campaign you'd like to support?

Is there a cause you believe in that needs some cash?


Any ELIXIR customer, age 21 or over, who thinks they have the marketing ability to fill our bar for a night and raise money for charity is eligible to apply. Each event includes 2-4 participants and an ELIXIR bartender. The cause being supported must be a registered charity. (All payments are made by check directly to the charity.) 


  • Market your event: The more people you bring in, the more money we make for charity.​

  • Pack your event: Keep the bar full of people from 7pm-12am!  Have fun & raise money for charity! If you’re having fun, your guests are having fun and when they are having fun, they tip heavier! 

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