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ELIXIR Delivery

Unfortunately, in late 2021, according to an anonymous source, Chris Holden, the Chair  of the California State Assembly Appropriations Committee gutted a well-written bill (SB 389) that would have allowed us (ELIXIR) to continue selling and delivering cocktails to go and bottles of whiskey and more. He did so by removing the right of all of California's bars (Type 48 licensees) to do so and only allowing restaurants, with kitchens on site, to continue with the practice for the next five years. Why? Because apparently ordering a "bona fide meal" is a necessity for a grown adult to drink alcohol. Because apparently the ability to line the pockets of the big spirits companies selling canned cocktails at 7-11 is somehow less dangerous than trusting professionals who are trained in responsable alcohol service. Because apparently he doesn't think our bars need any more help in surviving this pandemic. Apparently, he thinks Covid-19 is over and the bar business is thriving. Personally, I'd love to see a professional reporter, a la Bob Woodward or Carl Bernstein, to follow the money trail to see why this really happened. Which lobby was strongest, with the biggest wallet? I know that will never come to be. In the meantime, the bar is open. Come on down and discuss.  You can see how I really feel here.  - H.  

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