Thanks for supporting our on-going efforts to survive this ordeal while continuing to serve you, our loyal friends, neighbors, and long time customers. Together we'll all get through this, with a tasty beverage in hand.

Ordering and delivery is easy.


We can get orders processed faster with less back and forth if you first read and understand these policies and processes. If you ask us a question that is addressed below, in the spirit of expediency and cooperation, we will gently ask you to re-read this page. It's a strange time for all of us and we're trying to make this as simple and efficient as possible, but we do appreciate constructive criticism for where we may be failing to meet that goal.


The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) has changed its regulations to allow our business to provide this service, and we are acting in full compliance with the lawTwo very important points for you to understand are that, just as if you were going to a bar or restaurant, we MUST confirm your AGE and your SOBRIETY before completing a delivery. The people both making and receiving the order must be at least 21 years old, so please email an image of your ID with your order so that our delivery driver can confirm your identity and your sobriety. Your delivery person will be an ABC-trained bartender or bar back. It's normally their job to evaluate your sobriety and ensure that you are not over-served, so please let them do their job, so we can continue lawfully providing this service. You will be asked to remove your face mask to confirm that the image the driver has on their phone and the person receiving are the same. Please work with your delivery driver to do this while maintaining as much social distance as possible.


  1. Page down here to look through our existing inventory.

  2. Email your order to ElixirSFDelivery@gmail.com.

  3. Include two important pieces of information: (1) your cell phone number and (2) delivery address with any notes like cross-streets or buzzer information.

  4. Let us know when you'd like delivery. We currently deliver on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday between 6pm and 10pm, with order cut off at 4pm same-day. NOTE: You can order ahead by email on any day and at any time, but please be patient for our response, as we are not monitoring the email at all times.  

  5. After clarifying your order by email, we’ll put you in the delivery window queue.

  6. You will get a Square Invoice by email. If you have any changes you'd like to make to the invoice, just email us back and we’ll adjust. 

  7. In a separate reply to the invoice thread, not attached to the email where you send us changes or confirm the invoice, send an image of your government ID so that we can confirm your ID and age. Your privacy is important to us! We need to keep records of all sales, so we ask that you send your ID in a separate reply email to the Invoice thread so that we can retain the record of the sale and delete the email with your ID, post-drop-off, without losing the record of sale. Yes, this means that you will need to provide an image of your ID every time you order with us because, to protect your privacy, we will not be retaining copies of your ID. Just think of it as if you went to the same bar, but a different bartender served you each time, they would be allowed to ask to see your see ID each time. Same concept.

  8. Pay your invoice, and we will release your order for delivery. No orders will go out until paid.



  • Payment Processing is completed via Square Invoices. You will receive the invoice by email once your order is confirmed. If it looks good, simply pay it online and we will release your order for delivery.

  • Automatic Gratuity/Tipping - Your delivery person is an ELIXIR bartender or bar back, not a third-party delivery person. Most customers have been very generous with tips, but sometimes people forget. Again, crazy times. In order to continue to incentivize our staff to work on deliveries we are collecting an auto-gratuity of 20% on each order. There is an opportunity on your invoice to tip them in excess of the included 20%, if you should so choose. If you would prefer that we do not do that, please let us know that you will tip them directly via Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal. We will then give you their account information for the preferred method and remove the auto-gratuity from your invoice. Please be generous. CASH TIPS CANNOT BE ACCEPTED.

  • Delivery Charges - As requests for our service bring us further and further from our corner of the Mission, we have delivery fees based on Google Maps distance estimates. Please understand that this fee helps us cover the expenses involved in providing this service. If you are buying for friends, please note that each delivery address will be a separate invoice with a separate delivery fee, since each is its own independent delivery.

    • $10 within 5 miles of Elixir (3200 16th Street)

    • $15 up to 10 miles (+ $8 for bridge tolls)

    • $25 from 10 to 20 miles (+ $8 for bridge tolls)

    • We are no longer delivering beyond 20 miles without a $pecial arrangement. Please email your request if you need such an arrangement and we will try to work with you.

  • Delivery Schedule - Our order cut off time is 4pm on the day of delivery in order to get deliveries out at a decent hour. You will have until 5pm to pay your invoice in order to release your order for same-day delivery.

  • No Pick-Ups - Please do not request to pick-up at the bar. The law makes it clear that only restaurants with a liquor license can do pickups. We are not a restaurant, so we are only allowed to do delivery. Stay home. We'll come to you.


In order to continue to protect you and our team:

  • We are no longer accepting cash.

  • Your bartender will be wearing gloves and a mask at all times 

  • We will leave your order for you to pick up at an agreed upon spot, back at least 6  feet away until you pick it up (or drop it at a front desk), and then confirm that you got what you ordered.

  • All bottles will be cleaned and disinfected with approved Clorox products before leaving the bar in new paper bags.

  • Our facility (Elixir) is in complete compliance with the health and safety standards set by the City of San Francisco Department of Public Health.


  • Pick up some merchandise while you're at it! Take a look at our SHOP page. Simply choose "In Store Pick-Up" and let us know that you purchased merchandise on the site and would like it delivered with your order. (Sorry to make this two transactions, but ordering merchandise on our store helps us monitor that inventory automatically and keeps the ID issue separate as well.)

  • Buy your friends a drink! Why not send a bottle or two to a thirsty friend! Wouldn't that make them smile? Buy some booze and/or merchandise delivery for a friend, on top of your own delivery, and we'll COMP the delivery fee (for only additional delivery)! NOTE: You obviously won't be able to provide us with a copy of your friend's ID, so please explain to them that the delivery person will need to see an ID and their face. If the order is a surprise, just think of it as adding to the mystique. Once they see what the gift is, we're sure they won't care about the seemingly strange request. Why? Because booze brings us together, even when we're apart!

Want to request something you don’t see? Go for it!

We can order it from our suppliers and get it to you in 2-3 days. But, again, please try to order what we have in stock first; maybe try a brand you've never had!



  • These kits make 20+ cocktails (which should get you by for a while). WE DO NOT CONDONE GATHERING and they are not meant to be party sized punch bowls and the like. There will be time for that later, but for now, we are offering these to give you a good supply. Please stay home, and stay safe.

  • Fresh Victor is a clean ingredient mixer, made from cold-pressed juice and real produce, sweetened with organic cane sugar and/or organic agave nectar and flash pasteurized, which gives it a 2 month shelf life in refrigeration (from the date of production, stamped on the bottle). You can freeze unused portions and use whenever you need it (try freezing ice cube trays in one ounce portions, and storing them in a freezer bag). Once opened, a bottle should last you one to two weeks in the refrigerator. (Full disclosure: Elixir proprietor H. Joseph Ehrmann is an operating partner in Fresh Victor)

  • We have put suggested bottles from our inventory in the kits, but you can swap out other bottles and we’ll adjust the kit pricing.

  • We will get the sodas, tonics, and other mixers priced soon, but if there’s something you want, just ask!



Thank you for your interest in our delivery service!

The ELIXIR team

H., Shea, Nick D, Dan,  Ed, Nick M, Natalie, John, Vince, Lauren, and Reggie

Current inventories shown below (downloadable and printable  PDFs). We can also email them to you when you contact us.

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DIY Cocktail Kits featuring Fresh Victor
These kits make 20-24 cocktails with leftovers on some ingredients. Fresh Victor can stay fresh in your refrigerator  for a week or two after opening, giving you a long supply of great fresh cocktails to weather out this storm... the PDFs below list 5-6 individual recipes for the kits, followed by pricing and, finally, some information on Fresh Victor products and how to use them at home. 



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