wanted :

guest bartenders

seeking rowdy people who can fill this bar with their friends and have a ton of fun for a night of liquor-slingin', hootenanny and charity.

requirements: fun, semi-coordinated, able to do simple math, and gregarious enough to fill this humble saloon with their booziest of friends.

sign below and you will be contacted to schedule. (wednesdays only; if you'd like to arrange another type of fundraiser on a different night, please ask. )

two ways we raise money:

  1. your tips
  2. $10 of every ecgb t-shirt sold (see photo to the right)


interested in being a

charity guest bartender?

click here to read the fine print and contact us.

to sign up now

click below

(but read the details in the link above to be sure you understand everything)

sign up now

charities we've already raised money for.

click here


7x7 magazine awarded elixir charity guest

bartending with"most lucrative night out"

in their 2009 best of the city awards.

bay guardian awarded elixir charity guest

bartending with"best way to turn your cocktail shaker into a moneymaker"

bay guardian bars and clubs issue

sf weekly

we book 4-6 weeks out,

so contact us now to plan your event!



email: ecgb@elixirsf.com


press contact:

this is for media inquiries only.

debbie rizzo

drink pr

mobile:  (617) 233-8024

email: debbie@drinkpr.com



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