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The Boot Black Stout T-shirt represents a period of ELIXIR history where there was a boor black stand in the northeast corner of the bar. It is the second of our three house branded beers. You can see the former boot black area of the bar when you look at the original 1907 floorplan print on the east wall. When Thomas Sheehan bought the bar in 1934, just after prohibition, he did away with many Victorian features, as society had changed in so many ways since before WW1.  One of those changes was removing the stand and increasing the internal footprint of the bar. We asked our neighbors at Standard Deviant Brewing (on 14th Street) to create their first stout beer for us, which we originally aged in our Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit barrel for 3 fills. Today it is unaged and delicious!  This design was create by one of our bartenders at the time, Zach Anderson. 

Elixir Boot Black Stout T-shirt | 2018


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